Another Stupid Rant from the Majorly Shocking Nothing but Crap Network

MSNBC Guest: People Oppose Abortion Because “Their Sex Lives Are So Miserable”

Check this out.  It is so far from the truth!!  Andrew

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LibertyNEWS TV – “Starring the Pope, the Fake, the Fall, the Miffed Mrs…and Bad Santa”

OMG!!!!  Santa as a Penguin?!! Obama at 38% and much more….  Please watch and let me know what you think.



This has to be the silliest thing I have ever herd of.  The article was published on the website Slate.  Please click here to read.  Blessings Andrew

Is the breakfast illegal, too? Atheists sue school over teacher’s devotionals

The American Humanist Association is suing a public school teacher in Missouri because she prayed for an injured student, allegedly violating the Establishment Clause.

Gwen Pope is also accused of reading from the Bible at a voluntary prayer meeting for students, which the AHA also insists is unconstitutional.

Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel points out that the prayer meeting was voluntary and took place before the start of the school day.

“It wasn’t something that was mandatory as part of a class,” Staver notes.

The atheist group sent a warning letter in May to Fayette High School, claiming Pope does not have the legal right to hold devotionals. The letter also claimed the school violated the Establishment Clause by announcing the devotional over the school intercom.

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