Jimmy Carter on NSA – ” My Own Communications Are Probably Monitored ” – Meet The Press Interview

Former President Jimmy Carter was on “Meet The Press” with Andrea Mitchell and revealed his own actions in response to government monitoring of electronic communications:

“I have felt that my own communications are probably monitored; and when I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the Post Office and mail it, because I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored.”

The only people on the face of the earth who might be interested in what Jimmy Carter has to say would be the Obama administration looking for more successful domestic and foreign policy ideas.  Because those might actually be an improvement.

Source http://www.ijreview.com/2014/03/123461-jimmy-carter-thinks-emails-monitored-hilarious/

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Obama nominee for Surgeon General says banning guns is part of medicine

After being burned by his nomination of Debo Adegbile to head up the civil rights division at the Department of Justice, President Obama has jumped right back into the fray with another radical nominee, this time for Surgeon General.

But what makes Vivek Hallegere Murthy such a controversial choice for the post is not what you might expect. It’s not that he is a champion of late-term abortions (though he probably is) or believes in fully government-subsidized sex reassignment surgeries (though he probably does).

The problem with Murthy, rather, is his position on guns. Namely, he thinks one of the questions doctors should ask patients during a routine medical history is whether the person has any guns in his home.

Investors.com notes that Murthy, 36, is president and co-founder of Doctors for America, an anti-gun group that advocates making gun control a facet of the practice of medicine.

His group, which has been dubbed “Docs vs. Glocks,” has pushed Congress to ban “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

He also wants to spend more tax dollars on more research to prove that fewer guns mean a lower crime rate, despite the fact that a number of reputable studies prove the opposite.

In a preliminary hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen. Lamar Alexander asked Murthy about his social media comments on firearms, such as a tweet before the 2012 presidential election that included the odd claim that “guns are a health care issue.”

Murthy’s Twitter timeline is full of his anti-firearms screeds. A tweet from December 2012 reads, “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable — blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup.”

Like so many gun control zealots, Murthy ignores the fact that mass shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., occur in so-called gun-free zones where the only armed individual is the predator.

One especially troubling aspect of Murthy’s view that doctors should counsel their patients against exercising their Second Amendment rights is that such information entered into a patient’s private medical records would be available to the government under Obamacare
Read more at http://libertyunyielding.com/2014/03/08/another-obama-nominee-cabinet-post-another-radical/#bJRG3lQ28kM3yUMz.99

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UK BBC TV License OMG!!!

This is as bad as the overzealous cops in the USA.  There is now a move on in the UK to make the TV license a civil rather than a criminal matter.  But look at what the BBC has been doing over the years.  I have included an article from Sky News as well as a couple of You Tube Videos.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

These videos is a good overview of the problem

More Videos of how the TV License works can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/uktvcool?feature=watch

TV licence dodgers may no longer face prosecution in the courts under new plans being considered by the Government.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says “serious work” on the plan is under way, with more than 100 cross-party MPs in support.

“The Culture Secretary (Maria Miller) and I both agree that this is a really interesting idea, particularly given the pressure on our courts system,” Mr Grayling told The Daily Telegraph.

“Our departments will be doing some serious work on the proposal.”

Efforts to change the law are being spearheaded by Tory MP Andrew Bridgen.

He said that for some cash-strapped families, the current law was “criminalising them for being poor”.

“It is outrageous that so many people are brought into the criminal justice system through this means. I believe that non-payment should be treated in the way that parking tickets are,” Mr Bridgen told the newspaper.

“It is absurd that the courts are being clogged up by such a minor offence.”

Offenders currently face a £1,000 fine and a criminal record, as well as possible time in jail if fines are not paid.

Some 180,000 people faced magistrates last year after being accused of not paying the £145.50 fee, accounting for in excess of one in 10 of all criminal prosecutions.

Of those, 155,000 people were convicted and fined.

The proposed changes could see dodging payment of the TV licence become a civil matter, with a fine set by the Government.

A BBC spokesman said: “Legislation is a matter for the Government. However, changing the law could lead to higher evasion. Just a 1% increase in evasion would lead to the loss of around £35m, the equivalent of around 10 BBC Local Radio stations.”

Source Sky News

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Video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz on MSNBC and The Movie Scene that describes it perfectly

English: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman...

English: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman from Florida’s 20th congressional district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an example of pathetic journalism as well as the scene from Caddyshack which fits it perfectly.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

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General Alexander Wants To Controll The Press – Here Comes The Judge Napolitano – The Independents

This is a good Interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano on Freedom of the Press and Ed Snowden.  My first question on the whole issue is how could Snodwen done such extensive damage to the NSA since some of the information disclosed by Snowden was already known.  In my opinion, Snoweden just elaborated on what had been disclosed by William Binney and Thomas Drake.

I have included two examples of interviews with William Binney and Thomas Drake that were filmed in 2012.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/68196371″>Look at What They did to Mr Drake</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user14423120″>Andrew Hagle</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

We seriously need to change the way we classify information in the US Government.   We need to protect our journalists including but not limited to Domestic Main Line Journalists, Bloggers, and Foreign Journalists including bloggers.  We also need to only prosecute persons for espionage when classified information is disclosed to a journalist if there was an  actual loss of life (proven to very high standard).  And that the only way that the enemy could have obtained the damaging information was though that particular leak.

Please let me know what you think.  Blessings Andrew


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(by Paul Joseph Watson) – The Department of Homeland Security is buying more bullets with a solicitation for over 141,00 rounds of sniper ammunition.

According to a solicitation posted on FedBizOpps, the federal agency is looking to procure 141,160 rounds of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition.

Such ammunition is sometimes retailed as “Zombie Max,” a marketing gimmick alluding to its power.

“What makes the .308 ammunition so deadly is the long range capability of the round,” notes James Smith. “The ability is called ballistic coefficient, or the efficiency of a projectile in overcoming air resistance as it travels to its target. According to Speer Reloading Manual Number 13, the .308 165 grain has the highest coefficient of any hunting rifle.”

The latest purchase further illustrates the fallacy of the DHS’ excuse that it is buying bullets in bulk in order to save money.

The federal agency will pay around $1.20 for each round, when a lower grain round could be acquired for around a quarter of the price.


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Scenes from Militarized America: Iowa family ‘terrorized’

You Tube Notes

Published on Feb 4, 2014

Authorities destroy cameras to prevent account of raid…
When critics warn about the dangers of police militarization, this is what we’re talking about. You’ll see the raid team, dressed in battle-dress uniforms, helmets and face-covering balaclava hoods take down the family’s door with a battering ram. You’ll see them storm the home with ballistics shields, guns at the ready. More troubling still, you’ll see not one but two officers attempt to prevent the family from having an independent record of the raid, one by destroying a surveillance camera, another by blocking another camera’s lens.
RAID FILMED: Ankeny Police ‘Traumatize’ Family in Iowa
ANKENY, IOWA (WHOTV): New information regarding the story reported Monday night regarding a search warrant that was executed at a Des Moines home, looking for about $1000 worth of items purchased with a stolen credit card. Ankeny police spokeswoman Captain Makai Echer says officers consider several factors when deciding whether to send officers similar to a SWAT team to a house to serve a warrant, or simply knock on the door.
In this case, Echer says, officers looked at suspect’s criminal histories and whether there could be firearms in the home. Of the three suspects that were present in the home, one has a violent arrest record for two assaults about 13-years ago and a domestic assault.
Another suspect did have a permit to carry a weapon. Echer would not comment on whether that played a role in the decision. She would also not comment on whether it was appropriate for a police officer to rip a security camera from the front of the house after officers had already entered. http://whotv.com/2014/02/04/new-detai…

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Obama’s Police State America – Get Ready For Martial Law

Watch what people do, not what they say, especially when it comes to politicians with enormous egos.  This president says he loves liberty.  He says he upholds the Constitution and the rule of law, according to his oath.  He says he understands the Constitution establishes and protects liberty.

But look at what the man does.  He violates the Constitution routinely, destroying liberty with each violation.

In a recent press conference he made excuses for NSA surveillance excesses, proposing meaningless reforms.  Obviously, he could care less about protecting our constitutional right to be free from illegal government search and surveillance.
Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/01/obamas-police-state-america-get-ready-martial-law/#0ExhorHbiPTQyRb2.99

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Jay Carney struggles to explain Obama’s stumbles, deflects blame

White House press secretary Jay Carney was knocked on his heels during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” trotting out old excuses for President Barack Obama’s lackluster economic record as Washington prepares for Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Carney sat down for his first Sunday show interview — and a surprisingly tough one at that — with ABC’s Jon Karl. The reporter opened with a fastball, highlighting a new poll showing just 37 percent have confidence in Obama’s leadership. “How can the president lead when barely a third trust his ability to make the right decisions?”

“Jon, I think what we saw last year in 2013,” Carney began, “was a Washington that did not deliver for the American people. And the president sees this as a year of action, to work with Congress where he can and to bypass Congress where necessary, to lift folks that wanna come up into the middle class.”

Karl highlighted the president’s promises on minimum wage, immigration and gun control made during last year’s State of the Union speech. “None of that happened,” the reporter noted. “Isn’t this year only going to be harder?”

Carney blamed Capitol Hill. “Those were calls for action that involved Congress,” he said, explaining the president’s “disappointment” and claiming the White House is “optimistic” about the passage of “comprehensive” immigration reform in 2014.

Karl then pivoted to Obamacare’s dismal poll numbers:

KARL: Will it have been worth it if you lose the Senate? I mean, you already lost the House because of the healthcare law –

CARNEY: Look, I’ll tell you what –

KARL: Will it have been worth it politically?

CARNEY: Expanding access to quality and affordable health insurance to millions of Americans, reducing the growth of healthcare costs, which is happening at a rate –

KARL: Will it have been worth it if you lose the Senate? It’s a simple –

CARNEY: You know what? This is not about politics. So the answer is, it is absolutely worth it, no matter what happens politically –

KARL: Even if you lose the Senate.

CARNEY: Because what — and I tell you, I just disagree that — Republicans are going to have a winning issue if they decide to run on this, because they have to explain what repeal means.

Carney was also forced to deflect blame over the tottering American economy, echoing White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer by blaming the 2008 financial crisis — and by implication the prior administration — for rising income inequality and dismal workforce participation (RELATED: BROKEN RECORD: White House adviser blames economic woes on Bush administration policies).

“A lot of people were thrown into poverty by the worst recession since the Great Depression,” he claimed, “which was in full bloom when President Obama was sworn into office.”

“But the president’s had five years, Jay,” Karl pressed. “I mean, five years. The economic crisis is in the rear-view mirror. The Bush years are in the rear-view mirror. Doesn’t the president bear some responsibility — his policies — for the fact that the poverty rate in America has gone up, the gap between rich and poor is only greater?”

Carney suggested the president is caught in the jaws of historical circumstance. “The problem and the challenge that the president has identified has been one in the making for over thirty years,” he explained.

Finally, the White House Press secretary vehemently denied New York Times’ editor Jill Abramson’s contention that the Obama White House is the most secretive she has ever covered. “I strongly disagree with that statement,” he declared. “I know from experience that it’s wrong. We provide an extraordinary amount of information and access to reporters, and we work every day to provide more.”

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