Thank you Veterans…..This is a moving video

Although I did not serve in the Military, I salute all of the men and women who did and are now serving.   Please watch and let them know how much you appreciate your service.  Blessings Andrew

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Alaska Family Living In ‘Nightmare’ After Son Declared Ward of State Following Hospital Visit (UPDATED)

An Alaska family says they are living in a “nightmare” after their son’s visit to an Anchorage hospital morphed into a custody battle that stripped them of their right to visit their child.

“I hurt — I cry every day and every night. It’s a nightmare.”


“I hurt — I cry every day and every night. It’s a nightmare,” Lorraine Bohn, mother of Bret Bohn, 27,told KTUU-TV. “It’s a nightmare that this even could be happening. I’m heartbroken, very heartbroken.”

n an extensive interview with TheBlaze Wednesday, Lorraine and her husband Glenn told their heartfelt story.

Last year, they said, at 26 years old, Bret was an athletic, healthy field guide for hunters. His only medical issue was the development of some nasal polyps — overgrowths in the nose — last fall. After they were surgically removed, the growths came back and Bret was prescribed Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory medication.

That’s when his trouble started. While on the drug, Bret soon became unable to sleep.

In October, his parents took their son to Providence Medical Center for severe insomnia. Doctors there prescribed drugs and sent him home.

Things soon got worse. Bret’s health deteriorated rapidly and, after a seizure, his family decided to take him back to the hospital.

“You know, I can’t help but to blame myself,” said his mother, now looking back in retrospect.

In the hospital, Bret was unable to sleep for some 24 days and his mental faculties were significantly diminished. His parents said that at this point, they assumed power of attorney over him, using a written agreement allowing them to make medical decisions for him. That agreement was initially drawn up in 2007, when Bret was a healthy 20-year-old.

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