Flashback: Candidate Mitt Romney ridiculed for ‘Cold War thinking’

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Sarah Palin wasn’t the only one to foresee the events now unfolding in Ukraine. Quite a few remember the third presidential debate in October 2012, during which Mitt Romney was ridiculed for his “stuck in the 1980s” foreign policy.

Not only do we remember; we have the video.

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When Reagan was in Congress? Democratic Party fails History 101

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Is this some sort of trick question? When was Ronald Reagan in Congress?

We’re guessing from the surrounding tweets that this gaffe was part of President Obama’s speech to the DNC:

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VA Destroying Vets’ Medical Records To Quell Growing Backlog – Jessie Jane Duff – FBN

This is an outrage.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

You tube Notes

Published on Feb 28, 2014

Jessie Jane Duff, Gunnery Sergeant US Marine Corps (ret) joins FBN’s Gerri Willis to weigh in on how Los Angeles VA officials have destroyed medical records for vets in backlog waiting for appointments. This is a systemic problem reflected in VA benefits backlog and mismanagement.

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Brown’s parole record sets him apart from recent predecessors – Los Angeles Times

Brown’s parole record sets him apart from recent predecessors – Los Angeles Times.

Oh  Great!!!! More dirtbags on society.  Check this out Gov Moonbeam is letting them out.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown continues to set himself apart from past governors when it comes to giving criminals a second chance, telling the Legislature on Friday that he rejected only a small portion of the hundreds of convicted killers cleared last year for release from prison.

The report follows Brown’s disclosure that he pardoned 128 people last year, mostly expunging the records of felons who had served their time.

The governor signed off on parole for 377 convicted killers who have been serving life sentences, according to numbers provided by his staff. That’s 81% of those the parole board endorsed for release.

Brown approved a similar portion of parole grants the year before, in contrast to earlier governors, who rejected almost all release recommendations for murderers.

Among those to be freed — years from now — is Bert Cole, 43. In 1991, Cole was a member of the Graveyard Crips and killed a man he thought belonged to a rival gang.

Brown’s letter approving Cole for release in 2017 notes that the inmate has worked toward a college degree and developed a business plan for a nonprofit agency to help troubled youths. His file contains a note from a Los Angeles prosecutor stating that Cole “impressed everybody in the room” at his last parole hearing.

The governor also OKd the 2016 parole of Lawrence Owens, 43, for his part in the 1993 murder of another man over a $20 drug debt and an insult to Owens’ mother. Owens kicked and struck the man, but Brown’s approval letter said it was Owens’ “crime partner” who hit the victim with a slab of concrete, causing severe head trauma.

Brown’s letter cites Owens’ “exemplary behavior while incarcerated,” including a single serious rule violation during 19 years in prison, earned credit toward a college degree and endorsements from a Muslim chaplain, Jewish rabbi and Contra Costa County prosecutor.

In his report to the Legislature, the governor said he blocked the release of 91 inmates because he believed they still posed a public safety threat. He sent two other cases back to the Board of Parole Hearings for review.

Administration officials said that while previous governors rejected parole for a far larger number of convicted killers, scores of those inmates were ultimately released after successfully appealing the rejections in court.

Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said the courts ordered the release of 106 of the 144 inmates who sued the state in 2011, challenging the rejection of their parole by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Read more at The LA Times

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Capital One says it can show up at cardholders’ homes, workplaces – Los Angeles Times

Capital One says it can show up at cardholders’ homes, workplaces – Los Angeles Times.

This is unnerving.  I’m very glad I don’t have a Cap One Credit Card.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

Credit card issuer Capital One isn’t shy about getting into customers’ faces. The company recently sent a contract update to cardholders that makes clear it can drop by any time it pleases.

The update specifies that “we may contact you in any manner we choose” and that such contacts can include calls, emails, texts, faxes or a “personal visit.”

As if that weren’t creepy enough, Cap One says these visits can be “at your home and at your place of employment.”

The police need a court order to pull off something like that. But Cap One says it has the right to get up close and personal anytime, anywhere.

Rick Rofman, 71, of Van Nuys received the contract update the other day. He was spooked by the visitation rights Cap One was claiming for itself.

“Even the Internal Revenue Service cannot visit you at home without an arrest warrant,” Rofman observed.

Indeed, you’d think the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, would make this sort of thing verboten.

Apparently not.

“It sounds really invasive, but I don’t think it’s a violation of your 4th Amendment rights,” said Daniel E. Kann, a Santa Clarita lawyer who specializes in illegal-search cases.

He explained that the amendment applies primarily to searches and seizures by law enforcement, not civilians. A credit card company, in theory, could reserve the right to visit your home or office without a court order, Kann said.

But he emphasized that there are laws against harassment, not to mention stalking, and Cap One could be held accountable under such statutes if, say, it took to inviting itself over for dinner or hanging around your cubicle.

Incredibly, Cap One’s aggressiveness doesn’t stop with personal visits. The company’s contract update also includes this little road apple:

“We may modify or suppress caller ID and similar services and identify ourselves on these services in any manner we choose.”

Now that’s just freaky. Cap One is saying it can trick you into picking up the phone by using what looks like a local number or masquerading as something it’s not, such as Save the Puppies or a similarly friendly-seeming bogus organization.

Read more at The LA Times

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Libertarians, Conservatives & Classical Liberals Unite!

Published on Feb 26, 2014

Everyone who believes in limited government needs to unite. We need to educate our friends and families about the perils of big government. We need to show them why small, limited government works better for all of us.

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The Unmarked, Matte-Gray Crown Vic

You Tube Notes

Published on Feb 27, 2014

Bill Whittle noticed something annoying on a recent commute: a Crown Victoria without license plates. Why are the authorities becoming more militarized and treating Americans like the enemy? Hear more on this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.

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Employers tell Rep. Ellmers they want immigrants, not her constituents [VIDEO]

What’s the real reason that they don’t want Americans in these Jobs….Are the big companies breaking the law when it comes to working conditions, minimum wage, etc.?  Let me know what you think.   Andrew

The political risks to the GOP of immigration were highlighted in Cary, N.C., last week, when a PR. event hosted  by GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers quickly descended into an extended complaint by business leaders about supposedly uneducated, untalented and unmotivated Americans.

The videotaped session was arranged by business leaders to applaud Ellmer’s support for a proposed immigration rewrite that would increase the current annual inflow of 650,000 guest workers and 1 million immigrants into the overflowing U.S. labor pool.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/27/executives-tell-rep-ellmers-they-want-immigrants-not-her-constituents-video/#ixzz2uax4hWcf

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