The idea of beauty needs to be corrected

Originally posted on Intern Sherry:

A recent discussion with the viewers of Ashley Mardell’s YouTube Channel has sparked a conversation between myself and my internet friends about the social construction of “beauty” and “perfection.”

This video campaign from Pro Infirmis, a supportive organization for the disabled, aimed to showcase the beauty in all people for International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

A Zurich shop replaced the typical mannequins with ones which represented four unique individuals with disabilities, all modeled from their measurements.

In a beautiful portrayal, Pro Infirmis’ campaign challenges the idea of physical perfection in the closing remark, “Because who is perfect? Get closer.” While the thought provoking effort by Pro Infirmis is an admirable effort to change the idea of beauty, I suggest we take it further.

Not on does the idea of what is beautiful need to change, it needs to be corrected. The formula we currently prescribe to is invalid.

One of the Merriam-Webster definitions…

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