Celebrate the Birth of Christ With an Abortion

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

Abortion Bitch

Wendy Davis Sponsored Charity Encouraging:

‘Give An Abortion For Christmas!’

by, Brandon Walker | The Free Patriot

Not only is ‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis running for Governor, she is becoming the poster child for the Democrats 36 million dollar “Battleground Texas” campaign and now a charity to give free abortions for Christmas!

NARAL, an organization that supports abortion and Planned Parenthood have both endorsed Governor candidate Wendy Davis, also known in Texas as the “Abortion Barbie.”  They are using photos of teens and young women with signs held up  similar to the anti-war protests of Syria, encouraging huge donations to give to let teenage girls get free abortions for Christmas.

They even give out a top ten list of reasons you should help abort babies for Christmas. Not only are they claiming “violent tactics” by states to prevent abortion (a full lie) they are also trying to say that…

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