Miami Feeding Frenzy: 23 Cops Shoot at Car

Originally posted on The Firewall:

…at least 23 officers from the Miami, Miami-Dade and Hileah police departments converged on the car, they exchanged gunfire with the people in the car.  Both Montesano and Valdes were killed, according to sources.

“It was out of control,” said one man who lives in the neighborhood. “There’s more shots, (police yelling) ‘Get out of this area, get out of this area’.”

During the shooting, two Miami-Dade officers were hit in their arms.  A Hialeah officer was injured, possibly by shattering glass, according to Patterson.

The injured officers were taken to North Shore Medical Center. The officers who were shot were then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Two Miami police officers who complained of ringing in their ears after the shootout were also taken the hospital as a precaution.

via 6 Officers Hurt, 2 People Dead, In Police Involved Shootings « CBS Miami.

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