No War in Syria…Let Them Know

Ladies and Gentlemen, President Obama just announced that he wants to take militay action in Syria. He also said that the House and Senate Leaders agreed to a debate on the issue as soon as Congress returns from recess. Please write, call and email your Congressmen and Senators, and let them know that we don’t want another quagmier of war. Thank you and God Bless. Andrew

San Antonio Anti Discrimination ordnance goes too far

In August the San Antonio City Council will consider revisions in the Anti Discrimination law to include sexual ordination and gender identity.  This can include words of deeds going back an indefinite amount of time.

More than 350 black and Latino ministers and members of their flocks rallied against proposed updates to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance Tuesday at City Hall, rejecting comparisons between the nation’s historic struggle for racial equality and current efforts to safeguard rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

“While we love the people involved, we cannot allow their agenda to stain the fabric, the tapestry, of the civil rights movement,” said the Rev. Charles Flowers, an African-American pastor and early opponent of the measure Read more at

Confusus say T*ts on Boar Hog Very Useless

This has to be the stupidest interview of all time.  Watch and let me know what you think.  Andrew

Notes from YouTube

This has to be the stupidest interview I have ever seen. Lori Welbourne asks Walter Gray, the Mayor of Kelowna if it’s legal to be topless there.

And the craziest Traffic Control Plan (warning contains some nudity)

Denmark Girls flash tits to slow down traffic.  This is incredible.